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About Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast

Be Our Guest is a song from Walt Disney Pictures’ thirtieth animated feature film Beauty and the Beast. It was written by composer Alan Menken and lyricist Howard Ashman. Be Our Guest is an up-tempo Broadway and cabaret-style song. In the film, the song is performed in the style of a large-scale musical number by the castle’s staff of enchanted servants to Belle in an attempt to make her feel welcome. Originally recorded by American actor Jerry Orbach and English actress Angela Lansbury in their film roles as the characters Lumiere and Mrs. Potts.

The song was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song and an Academy Award in the same category but lost both to the title song from the film. Be Our Guest has enjoyed a mostly positive reception from critics, many of whom described it as one of the highlights of the film and its soundtrack. For many Disney film fans, it is one of their favorite songs from Disney movies.

Be Our Guest Lyrics

[Lumiere:] Ma chere Mademoiselle, it is with deepest prideand greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight.And now we invite you to relax, let us pull up achair as the dining room proudly presents – yourdinner!

Be our guestBe our guestPut our service to the testTie your napkin ’round your neck, cherieAnd we provide the restSoup du jourHot hors d’oeuvreshy, we only live to serveTry the grey stuff, it’s deliciousDon’t believe me? Ask the dishesThey can singThey can danceAfter all, Miss, this is FranceAnd a dinner here is never second bestGo on, unfold your menuTake a glance and then you’llBe our guestOui, our guestBe our guest

Beef ragoutCheese soufflePie and pudding “en flambe”We’ll prepare and serve with flairA culinary cabaretYou’re aloneAnd you’re scaredBut the banquet’s all preparedNo one’s gloomy or complainingWhile the flatware’s entertainingWe tell jokesI do tricksWith my fellow candlesticks[Mugs:] And it’s all in perfect tasteThat you can bet[All:] Come on and lift your glassYou’ve won your own free passTo be out guest[Lumiere:] If you’re stressedIt’s fine dining we suggest[All:] Be our guestBe our guestBe our guest

[Lumiere:] Life is so unnervingFor a servat who’s not servingHe’s not whole without a soul to wait uponAh, those good old days when we were usefulSuddenly those good old days are goneTen years we’ve been rustingNeeding so much more than dustingNeeding exercise, a chance to use our skillsMost days we just lay around the castleFlabby, fat and lazyYou walked in and oops-a-daisy!

[Mrs Potts:] It’s a guestIt’s a guestSakes alive, well I’ll be blessedWine’s been poured and thank the LordI’ve had the napkins freshly pressedWith dessertShe’ll want teaAnd my dear that’s fine with meWhile the cups do their soft shoeingI’ll be bubbling, I’ll be brewingI’ll get warmPiping hotHeaven’s sakes! Is that a spot?Clean it up! We want the company impressedWe’ve got a lot to doIs it one lump or twoFor you, our guest?[Chorus:] She’s our guest[Mrs Potts:] She’s our guest[Chorus:] She’s our guest

Be our guestBe our guestOur command is your requestIt’s ten years since we had anybody hereAnd we’re obsessedWith your mealWith your easeYes, indeed, we aim to pleaseWhile the candlelight’s still glowingLet us help youWe’ll keep going

Course by courseOne by one‘Til you shout, “Enough! I’m done!”Then we’ll sing you off to sleep as you digestTonight you’ll prop your feet upBut for now, let’s eat upBe our guestBe our guestBe our guestPlease, be our guest

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