Danessa Myricks’ Lightwork Vol. IV Palette Is A Complete Game-Changer

It’s been a really, really long time since an eyeshadow palette has excited me … and as soon as I laid my eyes on Danessa Myricks Beauty’s new Lightwork Volume IV Transcendence Palette for the holiday season (and feverishly swatched the impossibly vivid, duo-chromatic, beyond creamy pigments), that deep passion for creativity, color, and experimentation was ignited once more within me in the best way possible.

As a makeup minimalist, I’ve always been drawn to the basic bronze-y palettes of the beauty world, opting for simple smokey eyes, or a muted wash of barely-there color most days (and even on nights out). And although cream, taupe, brown, and champagne hues are my comfort zone — there is something so exciting about playing with color to intensify your eye color for a night out. And IMO: Shades of olive green and violet are having their moment this season (and are very much present in this end-all-be-all palette).

Whether you’re a longtime makeup lover, or consider yourself to be a bit of a beauty newbie — you’re going to want to run, not walk to your nearest Sephora and snag this while you can, because it’s sadly limited edition. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Fast Facts

  • Price: $125
  • Best For: Makeup lovers of all levels who want to play with show-stopping pigments.
  • Rating: 5/5
  • What I Love: Literally everything. But if I had to choose: just how different the color story is from anything I’ve ever tried.
  • What I Don’t Love: That the palette is limited edition (i.e. you need this in your life ASAP before it’s too late).

The Danessa Myricks Lightwork Vol. IV: Transcendence Palette

Filled with 14 stunningly versatile, otherworldly, and multi-faceted chromatic pigments, this must-have palette is meant for both the eyes and the face. What’s more, there are four equally luxe and unique finishes: eight velvet-chrome powders for a super smooth, color-shifting look. Two pressed chrome flake hues for an impossibly metallic finish. Two glass-metallic pigments that have a glass-like shine. And two water-activated aqua chromes that create a budge-proof magic (similar to how a liquid liner would work).

Essentially — that all just means there are no limits to your creativity.

How To Use The Palette, From A Pro MUA

Though a palette with so much color and innovation can be a bit intimidating, David Razzano, professional makeup artist and a Beauty Director at Sephora, gives a bit of insight: “This palette in particular showcases Danessa Myricks’ expertise in crafting eyeshadows that can play with reflecting light in the most magical ways rarely seen before. Each shade looks like it comes with its own spotlight built in, yet they are all easy enough to work with.”

What Is A Duo-Chrome?

“Duo-chrome pigments are eyeshadows version of a magic trick — one minute it appears one color, the next, an entirely different shade. It is two metallic colors in one shade.”

The Beauty Of Aqua Chromes

“The shades ‘Aura’ and ‘Intuition’ are the water-activated aqua chrome formula. These are best applied by adding three drops of water to the shade you want to use, then swirl your brush around a bit allowing the water to activate the formula. You’ll know it’s ready to use once you see the sparkles start to shine, then simply sweep it where you want to create your smudge-proof precision look.”

Let Your Creativity Run Wild

“This palette gives everyone the freedom to be the most amazing artist, even if you are just starting to play with makeup. Try using the glass metallic shades ‘Angels’ and ‘Divinity’ as cheek highlighters that give a divine twinkle to your complexion. The velvet chromes can be applied over a liquid lipstick to instantly create a metallic lip moment worthy of the runway. There are no bounds to this palette and what you can create.”

My Experience With The Lightwork Vol. IV Palette

Though I have perfected a minimal, bronzed eye, I typically shy away from color on the lids — especially blues and violets. Why? My attempts at an on-trend, icy blue frosted eye typically looks much too grey and messy, and is quickly washed off and considered a major fail. Which is exactly why I opted to experiment with ‘Trance,’ one of the velvet chrome formulas that shifts from an electric sapphire to a bright violet in the light …

To my surprise, working with my fingers provided intense pigment with ease — and with a bit of blending away in the crease with some matte brown shades, I quickly had the shimmering blue eyes of my dreams just like that. To add a bit more intensity to the color, I patted in a bit of the sparkling white hue ‘Angels’ — et voilà.

Though warm tones and even an occasional olive green is much more in my comfort zone and complementary to my green-ish eyes, I’m blown away by how easy the formulas are to work with. And for the first time in years, I’m inspired to just have fun and play with my look.

The Final Verdict

With countless bronzed neutral palettes on the market, the Lightwork Vol. IV color story is incredibly refreshing, inspiring a playful artistry in makeup lovers of all levels.

Not only are the pigments innovative, unique, and powerful, but the formulas are effortless, allowing for an ultra-glam look with a few pats of a finger or swipes of a brush.

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