Are you ready to be inspired? Imagine losing almost two-thirds of your body weight in just 22 months. That’s exactly what Brittany May, a dedicated teacher from Central Pennsylvania, accomplished. At one point, she weighed a staggering 514 pounds, but now she has shed over 330 pounds. It’s an incredible journey of self-discovery, determination, and triumph.


A Struggle with Emotional Eating

Growing up, Brittany turned to food for comfort in all situations. Whether she was celebrating a success, feeling stressed, sad, or bored, food became her emotional crutch. Unfortunately, this unhealthy relationship with food led her to reach an alarming weight that affected every aspect of her life.

A Turning Point and a Teacher’s Dream

The wake-up call came when Brittany couldn’t even fit behind the steering wheel of a car. As an agriculture teacher in high school, she realized that her weight was holding back both her and her students. She couldn’t go on field trips or participate in certain activities because of her size. She wanted to be a role model for her students, but instead, she felt like she was hindering their progress.

Avoiding the Doctor’s Office

Brittany avoided going to the doctor for eight years because she knew the conversation would revolve around her weight. However, deep down, she knew she needed to make a change. She had tried every fad diet and even had competitions within her family to encourage weight loss, but nothing seemed to work.

Discovering Optavia: A Life-Changing Solution

Brittany finally found a solution that worked for her: Optavia. Optavia is a comprehensive program that focuses on four key components – support from a coach, a supportive community, healthy habits, and a balanced food plan. Brittany’s Optavia coach, Christa, became her source of guidance and encouragement throughout her weight loss journey. She also found a community of like-minded people who were on the same path, supporting and motivating each other.

The Power of Healthy Habits and Fuelings

Brittany realized that her weight gain had been the result of years of unhealthy habits. Optavia helped her develop new, healthier habits, such as drinking more water, getting enough sleep, and incorporating physical activity into her daily routine. The program provided scientifically proven fuelings that made meal planning and portion control effortless. Brittany was able to interchange over 60 food options to create a customized meal plan that suited her needs.

A Belt of Achievements

To commemorate her progress, Brittany purchased a belt when she had lost 50 pounds. This belt, adorned with numerous belt holes, serves as a tangible reminder of her incredible journey. With each new hole she moves to, she celebrates another milestone reached on her road to success.

Brittany’s story is proof that with determination, the right support system, and a solid plan, it is possible to achieve incredible transformations and reclaim your life. If you’re ready to start your own journey towards a healthier and happier you, consider exploring the Optavia program and see how it can empower you to reach your weight loss goals.

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