Liver Gi Detox By Pure Encapsulations

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We all know how tempting it can be to try out new supplements, especially when they promise to solve our health issues. But, as one Texas woman discovered, taking the wrong supplement can have life-threatening consequences.

Emily had been struggling with acne for years, and like many of us, she turned to her friends for advice. When one of them suggested a supplement, she was excited to give it a try. For the next two months, her life seemed normal, until she started experiencing abdominal pain and extreme fatigue around Thanksgiving. And then, her eyes turned yellow.

Concerned about her symptoms, Emily’s primary care physician referred her to a specialist. After an ultrasound of her liver, she was admitted to the ER. The specialist even suggested airlifting her to Dallas for a possible liver transplant. Emily’s blood and liver enzyme levels were closely monitored, revealing just how sick she was on the inside.

A few nights later, Emily was diagnosed with acute liver failure. Placed on the liver transplant list, she miraculously received a potential donor match within eight hours. On Christmas Eve, she underwent a life-saving surgery that gave her a new liver and a new lease on life.

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Today, we have Emily joining us via Skype to share her incredible journey. Despite everything she went through, she’s here with us, smiling. When asked how she’s doing, Emily replies, “I’m doing so good. I’m just happy to be alive and so thankful to be on the show.”

So, what caused Emily’s acute liver failure? Her primary care physician conducted extensive tests, ruling out jaundice, autoimmune disorders, and hepatitis. Eventually, they determined that it was drug-induced. Although the exact ingredient in the supplement remains unknown, an outside party is currently investigating.

Understanding Acute Liver Failure

To shed light on the seriousness of acute liver failure, we turned to Dr. Su Sachar, a board-certified gastroenterologist and hepatologist. She explains that acute liver failure is a life-threatening condition that occurs when a previously healthy liver experiences massive cell death due to injury. If left untreated, it can be fatal.

Dr. Sachar notes that cases like Emily’s, caused by supplements, are not uncommon. In fact, up to 40% of Americans take these supplements, often relying on them more than their prescribed medications. While not all supplements are harmful, certain individuals may have a genetic susceptibility or enzyme issues that affect how they metabolize these substances.

Taking Supplements Seriously

Both Dr. Sachar and Emily stress the importance of openly discussing supplement usage with healthcare professionals. Supplements can interact with one another and with other medications, making it crucial for individuals to inform their doctors about what they are taking.

Dr. Sachar reminds us that supplements should be taken seriously. She highlights the case of patients failing to disclose supplement usage before elective surgeries, which can have life-threatening implications, particularly when it comes to blood clotting.

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Emily’s story serves as a wake-up call for all of us. While supplements can be beneficial, their unregulated nature means we must exercise caution. The mystery ingredient in Emily’s supplement may have cost her life, but she was fortunate enough to receive a transplant in time.

At Q Nails and Spa, we prioritize the well-being and safety of our clients. We urge you to consult your healthcare provider before introducing any new supplements into your regimen. Your health is precious, and we want to make sure you make informed choices.

Remember, it’s essential to embrace a holistic approach to our well-being, but always consult with experts and be aware of the potential risks. Stay safe and take care of yourselves.

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To learn more about our commitment to holistic wellness, visit Q Nails and Spa.

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