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Welcome back, friends! Today, let’s dive into an important topic that can potentially save lives – liver cirrhosis. You may have heard of this condition, but did you know that it can be deadly? The good news is, it can also be prevented. Stick around till the end to learn more about it. And if you’re new here, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more valuable information.

Metanail Cleanse
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Understanding Liver Cirrhosis

Liver cirrhosis, in simple terms, refers to the scarring of the liver. When the liver is repeatedly injured by factors like hepatitis B or excessive alcohol consumption, it tries to heal itself by generating new cells. Unfortunately, this healing process leads to the formation of scar tissue. Over time, as the damage worsens, more and more scar tissue accumulates, making it difficult for the liver to function properly. Various liver diseases and conditions can cause damage to healthy liver cells, leading to inflammation and cell death. In Singapore, the most common cause of liver cirrhosis is Chronic Hepatitis B. If you want to learn more about Hepatitis B and how to prevent it, click here.

Who Is at Risk?

While not everyone who has hepatitis B will develop cirrhosis, approximately 20 to 40% may end up with this condition if left unmonitored. Other causes of cirrhosis include excessive alcohol consumption, Hepatitis C, fatty liver or non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, autoimmune liver disease, and various other less common factors. You are more likely to develop cirrhosis if you have a history of liver disease, abuse alcohol for many years, have chronic viral hepatitis, inject drugs using shared needles, have diabetes, or are obese.

Recognizing the Symptoms

In the early stages of cirrhosis, patients may not display any symptoms. They may not even be aware that they have liver cirrhosis since the liver can still function adequately, despite the scarring. However, as the scarring progresses, patients become more prone to experiencing fluid retention, delayed clotting, increased risk of internal bleeding, infections, mental confusion, and even an increased risk of cancer. Advanced cirrhotic patients may exhibit symptoms such as tiredness, jaundice (yellow discoloration of the eyes and skin), loss of appetite, weight loss, nausea, fluid-filled distended abdomen, swelling of the legs, lethargy, personality changes, sleep disturbances, easy bruising, and bleeding on the skin, and in severe cases, bleeding from the stomach and intestines.

Prevention and Treatment

Unfortunately, cirrhosis cannot be cured, and the damage to the liver is permanent. However, depending on the underlying cause of your cirrhosis, there are steps you can take to prevent it from worsening. These include quitting alcohol consumption, regularly consulting with your doctor to manage chronic viral hepatitis, avoiding medications that stress the liver, and maintaining a healthy, well-balanced, low-fat diet. By treating or controlling the cause, you can prevent further damage to the liver and give it a chance to repair itself. In cases of end-stage liver cirrhosis, liver transplantation can provide a cure. The key lies in early identification and treatment, so if you experience any symptoms of liver cirrhosis, please consult your doctor as soon as possible.

In conclusion, liver cirrhosis is a potentially fatal condition, but the good news is that it can be prevented by taking the right actions. Share this valuable information with your loved ones and together, let’s prioritize our liver health. Stay safe and stay healthy!

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