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Pro Dentin Candy
Pro Dentin Candy


Welcome to the world of dental health! In this article, we will unravel the mystery behind ProDentim, a revolutionary product that is causing waves in the dental industry. Get ready to discover how ProDentim can be your best friend in fighting oral cavities and tooth decay.

The Battle: Erythritol vs. Xylitol

Let’s dive right into the debate between erythritol and xylitol, two popular sweeteners known for their tooth-friendly properties. While erythritol is derived from natural sources like melons and peaches, it is often consumed in far greater quantities when commercially manufactured. In fact, recent research suggests that erythritol can be used as an insecticide due to its lethal effects on fruit flies, mosquitoes, termites, and ants. However, its application to crops is limited due to its harmful effects on plants at insecticidal doses.

On the other hand, xylitol, a sugar alcohol similar to erythritol, has been found not only to be dentally safe but also to have active cavity-stopping benefits. Unlike erythritol, xylitol can actually reduce the occurrence of dental cavities. Studies have shown that using xylitol-containing toothpaste leads to a noticeable decrease in tooth decay compared to regular toothpaste.

The Power of Erythritol

While xylitol steals the spotlight, research strongly supports the cavity-reducing properties of erythritol. In fact, erythritol may even surpass xylitol in its effectiveness. Studies have demonstrated that sucking on erythritol candies can result in more than twice the reduction in plaque compared to xylitol candies over a six-month period. This effect has been observed to persist for up to three years.

Putting Erythritol to the Test

But does the reduction in plaque actually translate into fewer cavities? Long-term human trials on erythritol had been lacking until now. A recent double-blind, randomized controlled trial involving hundreds of school children finally provided the answer. The children were divided into groups, with each group consuming either erythritol, xylitol, or control candies three times a day. The results were clear: the erythritol group had a significantly lower number of cavity-ridden teeth and surfaces compared to the other groups.

Safety First: Erythritol and Dogs

Aside from its impressive dental benefits, another advantage of erythritol is its safety for dogs. Xylitol, even in small doses, can be life-threatening to dogs. However, erythritol has been proven to be well-tolerated, with no reported adverse effects even at high quantities. This suggests that erythritol could potentially be used as an ingredient in dog chew toys.


ProDentim has truly brought a revolution to the dental industry, with erythritol leading the way in cavity prevention. As we continue to explore the realm of dental health, it’s essential to stay informed about the latest breakthroughs. So why not give ProDentim a try? Say goodbye to cavities and tooth decay, and embrace a brighter, healthier smile with the power of erythritol!

Disclaimer: This article provides general information only and does not constitute professional advice. Please consult with a dental professional for personalized recommendations and guidance.

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