Top 29 Memorable Life Is Beautiful Movie Quotes (With Images)

About Life Is Beautiful Movie

Life Is Beautiful was originally a 1997’s admirable Italian comedy-drama film. The film has grossed over 230 million dollars worldwide. Life Is Beautiful movie has received many awards. Such as the Grand Prix Award at the Cannes Film Festival, 9 David di Donatello Awards, 5 Nastro d’Argento Awards, 2 European Film Awards and 3 Academy Awards.

Seeing its story and popularity, it was translated into English. Roberto Benigni directs the film. And the script of the film is written by Roberto Benigni together with Vincenzo Cerami.

The story of this film is inspired by Rubino Romeo Salmonì and his books “In the End” and “I Beat Hitler”. The film is full of irony and black comedy. The story of the film is during World War II. And is based on a young Jewish man Guido and his son Giosue.

Life Is Beautiful Story :

When World War II begins, all the Jews are seated in one train and taken to a camp. Among the same Jews were Guido and his son Giosue. Then Guido knew that he was going to die after that, but he did not want to tell this thing to his son.

So to hide the real situation he tells Guido that there is a complex game going on in this camp. In this game, whoever hides the longest and gets a thousand points will get a tank in the prize.

He tells his son to hide in a box. He plays different games to keep his son away from all situations. And until the end, Guido maintains the game right. But slowly all the soldiers keep killing people. And finally comes Giosue’s father Guido.

Then he tells his son that if he stays hidden till morning, then only he will be able to win the tank by winning this game. Eventually, Guido is shot and killed. Giosue hides in that box until morning.

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Then on the second day, American soldiers rescue this camp from the enemies. And finally, Giosue meets her mother Dora. But he does not know that his father died in an attempt to save him.

He feels this till the end, he has won this game. The film is a dark comedy in a way that makes the audience laugh and cry. In the end, let’s see some amazing Life Is Beautiful Quotes.

Life Is Beautiful Movie Quotes :

“How often do we feel like loving someone, but we are unable to do it?” Life Is Beautiful

“I want to make love to you, not just once, but over and over again! But I’ll never tell you that. I’d have to be crazy to tell you. I’d even make love to you now, right here for the rest of my life.” — Guido

“Nothing is more necessary than the unnecessary.” — Uncle Eliseo

“They don’t send old people and kids to work because they kill them. One of these days they’ll call them to take a shower. “Children, shower time!” The truth is, they make them shower there in the gas chamber.” Jewish Woman

“The more you climb higher, the less you can see.” Life Is Beautiful

“I truly enjoyed myself with you. You’re the most ingenious…waiter I’ve ever come across.” — Dr. Lessing

“Schopenhauer says that with willpower, you can do anything. “I am what I want to be.” Right now, I want to sleep, so I was saying to myself, “I’m sleeping, sleeping,” and I fell asleep.” — Ferrucio

“This is my story. This is the sacrifice my father made. This was his gift to me.” — Narrator (Joshua)

“Whatever name you say, it will disappear one day.” Life Is Beautiful

“You’re here serving, you’re not a servant. Serving is the supreme art. God is the first of servants. God serves men, but he’s not a servant to men.” — Uncle Eliseo

“If you speak my name, I vanish. What am I? Silence.” — Guido/Roberto Benigni

“You can do anything you want in the city. If you want to yell, yell.” — Guido/Roberto Benigni

“All servants should think that they are serving someone, there is no servant.” Life Is Beautiful

“Don’t you know it takes so little to make me happy? A chocolate ice cream is enough. Maybe two! A nice walk together and then, whatever happens, happens.” — Dora

“Silence is the most powerful cry.” — Eliseo

“Think of a sunflower, they bow to the sun. But if you see some that are bowed too far down, it means they’re dead.” — Eliseo

“You should be what you want to be.” Life Is Beautiful

“All should keep in mind that God is first among the servants because he serves everyone.” Life Is Beautiful

“You’re here serving, you’re not a servant. Serving is the supreme art. God is the first of servants. God serves men, but he’s not a servant to men.” — Eliseo

“Not Allowed signs are the latest trend today!” Life Is Beautiful

“The art of serving is the highest art.” Life Is Beautiful

“The bigger the thing, the less you can see it.” Life Is Beautiful

“Some people are such that we want to love again and again.” Life Is Beautiful

“The story of my life is made by the sacrifice of my father.” Life Is Beautiful

“Silence is the most powerful cry.” Life Is Beautiful

“We should be like sunflowers, which keep bowing to the sun.” Life Is Beautiful

“You can’t imagine how much I feel like making love to you.” — Guido

“Nothing more is needed in life than unnecessary. Life Is Beautiful

“I want to make love to you – not just once, but over and over again!” — Guido

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