Beauty and the Geek: where are they now?

Beauty and the Geek has been around since 2009, though it took a hiatus after 2014 before returning to our screens on Channel Nine.

The program has had a few iterations. While it was on Seven the show was hosted by Bernard Curry until 2012, then James Tobin took over until it was cancelled in 2014.

Now we know it as Sophie Monk’s pride and joy.

Last season, Lachlan Mansell and Kiera Johnstone took home the win and several other couples left making lifelong connections.

As Kiera told TV WEEK, “Everyone’s got a really good friendship and I think that’s the nature of the show… you form those really nice friendships that last forever.”

But what about everyone else, what about the six other couples that have won Beauty and the Geek before?

Let’s travel back in time.

WATCH BELOW: Lachlan and Kiera win Beauty and the Geek

2021: Lachlan & Keira

Lachlan has done pretty well for himself landing a job as part of the Kyle and Jackie O team. He’s also allegedly received a lot of attention from the ladies.

“I have been inundated, I’ve got lots of girls sliding into my DMs. I’ve been on quite a few dates which has been really good, so just having fun,” he told TV WEEK.

Keira met a swell guy just after filming wrapped up and she cannot be happier.

She told TV WEEK in June: “I’ve got a boyfriend now, I met him right before the show aired!”

2014: Candice & Nick

In 2014 Beauty and the Geek had a much different format. The geeks were paired up with two beauties, one from Australia and another from the US.

NSW commerce student Nick Hamilton took out the crown with his US beauty Candice Stinson.

While they’ve both withdrawn from the public eye it looks like Nick’s studies paid off as he now works as a Stockbroking Business Operations Analyst..

He lists winning Beauty and the Geek on his LinkedIn profile, which is kind of cute.

2013: Emily & Brett

Since taking home the win with geek Brett d’Avoine, beauty Emily Craig has gone on to set up her own successful personal training business.

She posts her client transformations on Instagram and it looks like she’s doing an incredible job.

Brett has also made a career doing what he loves. He currently works as a driving instructor for an organisation that helps disadvantaged learner drivers get their licence.

He’s apparently still in the geeky lifestyle as his Twitter bio says, “Gamer, Cosplayer, Hobbit.”

2012: Millie & Chard

Millie Lincoln and Chard Oldfield went through a lot to win their season of Beauty and the Geek, including being hoisted in the air by their underwear.

But it was all worth it. After the show Millie, who was only 18 at time of filming, went on to purchase her own home at the age of 21.

“The prize money provided me with a deposit, which is amazing,” she told Mamamia. “It gave me a good head start in life.”

Chard has disappeared from the public it seems but he does have a rather cooked IMDb bio you can still enjoy.

2011: Sarah & Lachlan

Sarah Lawther and Lachlan Cosgrove clearly got the media bug after their time on the third season of Beauty and the Geek.

Sarah continued in TV working as a senior casting producer. While Lachlan was posting regular YouTube videos before moving over to TikTok.

Lachlan it seems has also had a makeover of his own, losing the scruffy hair in favour of a smart cut and tidy beard.

2010: Jessie & Michael

Jessie Byrne and Michael Price both found love following the show and seem to be having a grand old time with their families.

Jessie married her husband in 2015 and even invited Michael to the wedding. My heart!

Michael met his now-wife a year later in 2016. They’re both engineers proving that while opposites attract, sometimes like-attracts-like.

2009: Emma & Jeremy

Emma Caminiti and Jeremy Reading have been pretty mum about what they’ve gotten up to after winning the very first season of Beauty and the Geek but they haven’t remained out of the spotlight entirely.

Well, Jeremy hasn’t.

A decade after winning BATG, Jeremy returned to Aussie screens on Australia’s Got Talent. He broke the world record for making balloon sculptures.

WATCH BELOW: Jeremy Reading from Australia’s Got Talent was on Beauty and the Geek

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