Dr Drew Sutton Prodentim Reviews

Welcome back, fellow adventurers, to another thrilling expedition with Depths of History! Today, we embark on a quest to unearth the truth surrounding the mysterious disappearance of Robert Helfry. Armed with our determination and state-of-the-art technology, we dive into the depths of Florida’s waters, hoping to bring closure to his family and friends.

Dr Drew Sutton Prodentim Reviews
Dr Drew Sutton Prodentim Reviews

A Series of Searches

This is our third trip to Florida in pursuit of answers about Robert Helfry’s vanishing. We have scoured over 57 different locations, eliminating each potential hiding spot one by one. As we embark on this latest investigation, we are joined by Mike Sullivan from Sunshine State Sonar, a reputable expert in the field.

Following the Trail

Our journey begins near Peggy O’Neill’s Irish Pub, where Robert was last seen. From there, we navigate to a hotel just a mile away from the pub. This particular location catches our attention because it was not fenced off during Robert’s disappearance in 2006. Intrigued by the possibilities, we make our way there and prepare to explore.

Chasing Clues

As we conduct our search, we can’t help but wonder about Robert’s whereabouts during that fateful night. Why did he give himself a 25-minute window to get home when the journey was just a five-minute drive? Perhaps he had plans along the way, plans that may hold the key to his disappearance. The absence of any subsequent phone activity intensifies our belief that something happened swiftly and within close proximity.

Overcoming Obstacles

Reaching this particular location proves to be more challenging than anticipated. A white plastic fence, erected after Robert went missing, now stands as an insurmountable obstacle. Undeterred, we summon our determination and, with both hands and hearts united, lift our boat over the fence. This small victory fills us with hope and anticipation for what lies ahead.

The Hunt Begins

Into the murky waters we go, our sonar technology guiding us through each passage and revealing hidden secrets beneath the surface. As we traverse the pond, we come across oyster beds, submerged trees, and the occasional dead fish. Though we have yet to uncover any significant leads, every discovery eliminates another possibility, bringing us closer to the truth.

Riveting Discoveries

While exploring the vast expanse of water, we stumble upon a sunken sailboat in the distance. Without hesitation, we make our way towards the vessel, eager to explore its abandoned structure. As we approach, the sight of a partially open hatch fills us with anticipation. We cautiously enter, discovering remnants of a forgotten past—a dresser, a calendar, and even a note scribbled on a gas canister. Our adventure takes an unexpected turn as we ponder the story behind these artifacts.

A Step Closer

Although our search for Robert Helfry remains ongoing, we take solace in the progress we have made. With each location crossed off our list, we inch closer to unraveling the mystery that has gripped our hearts. Our determination to bring him home is unwavering, and we will continue to search every body of water in Pinellas County until we have exhausted every possibility.


As we conclude another chapter in our quest for truth and closure, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to you, our loyal viewers. Your support fuels our determination and keeps the flame of hope burning bright. Join us on our next adventure as we continue to delve into the depths, unearthing the secrets that lay hidden beneath the waves.

Remember, the answers we seek may just be a dive away!

Note: This article is a fictional creation based on the content provided. Any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental.

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